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China Tiger

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Boryana bamboo (Phyllostachys Pubescens Boryana)
Origin: China, natural, conical
Color: brown-black speckled.

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Boryana bamboo sticks have a tiger or leopard print on a dark background. Its striking pattern makes these bamboo sticks particularly decorative. As an alternative to the Boryana bamboo, there are the dark brown Nigra bamboo Tutul. Unlike the Indonesian variant, the Tutul, on the other hand, has a natural light background that combines black / dark spots. Her striking pattern makes both bamboo sticks look particularly lively, attractively beautiful, almost sexy.

Tutul bamboo poles are thrillingly beautiful and attractive due to their light hue and their naturally speckled spots.
The Tutul bamboo sticks naturally have a dark mackerel pattern on a light yellow base color.
This unique whim of nature makes these bamboo sticks particularly striking and a real eye-catcher for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Bamboo poles from many directions.
Our bamboo poles have been dried and treated for durability and against harmful influences from the weather and insects. >>> more

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