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Moso groen

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Bamboo green (Phyllostachys Pubescens)
Origin: China, colored, conical
Color: greenish
Very beautiful bamboo tubes, which are mainly used for decoration in the interior and are color stable.

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These green colored bamboo sticks are very popular as decoration for exhibition stands and shop fittings. The surface of the bamboo sticks always have slightly different green tones, so that the appearance is natural and fresh. Alternatively, the strong bamboo Guadua green in large diameters, moso natural green or the fresh bamboo.

The Ø dimensions of the pile refer to the lower part, by tapering upwards, significant deviations can occur in the upper end. Due to the climatic conditions in many European countries (mainly due to drier air), this can cause cracks, which hardly affect the stability of the bamboo pole. Strong ambient temperature changes can cause cracks. This can even happen after some time, eg when the climate fluctuations are too high. Cracks cannot always be prevented and therefore not a reason for complaint.

Bamboo (posts) should be slowly accustomed to the room temperature and the dry indoor air. This can even happen after some time, namely when the climate fluctuations are too high.

Bamboo poles from many directions.
Our bamboo poles have been dried and treated for durability and against harmful influences from the weather and insects. >>> more

TIP! Choose KOI maintenance products to make your bamboo more sustainable.
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