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Sekimori Ishi : (literally: stacked stone; figuratively: boundary stone; stop stone.) Is an old 16th century traditional and cultural Japanese custom.
Based on the stone as a marking, modest, yet clearly present. Links are made between a very old Japanese custom with contemporary artistic and cultural reflections.
With current possibilities as a source of inspiration, an old relationship and traffic code, which had virtually no artistic purpose, is converted into an art object.
The image fits in a natural environment and is special in its modesty. The tension is not in the grand gesture, but in the details: in the form of connection, the interplay of volumes and parts, the balancing of shapes or the interior space through which light falls.
Put on Take (bamboo) underground.

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Choose KOI maintenance products to make your bamboo more sustainable.

The price does not include delivery. Do not forget to make your choice option for shipping costs:
Pick up in Wateringen or delivery at home! Choice defaults to takeout.
I will pick it up for free in Wateringen (ZH).
Other forms of delivery on request.

Help reuse or recycle your bamboo furniture. Give your bamboo bed, bamboo dressing table cabinet or other bamboo bedroom or living room furniture a second chance. For a better environment and you contribute to a further CO2 reduction. This product is recyclable.
Drop it off at a collection point or contact us. We support the circular economy.

Hitotsu, Futari, San, Kazoku, Tsuku, Take

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